Adult Group Dance Classes

Our "Anyone Can Dance" series of Newcomer Level (really beginner-beginner) group dance classes for adults is designed to introduce anyone to dancing. We really mean it. These group dance classes are designed for busy working adults who want to learn to dance. So, we have these classes in the evenings so that you can make it after work. Classes are fairly simple, we do not expect you to have any prior knowledge of dancing at all. We expect you to have two feet though, even if the are both left.

In our dance classes you will learn about 3-4 (maybe 5 if the group pick up quickly) basic steps of a particular dance. This will not make you a pro, but you should be able to dance at a social dance or event. You do not need a partner, however it is always a plus to have someone regular to dance with. There are a lot of things you can learn by yourself anyway.

If you feel that these classes may be too easy for you we recommend you to take Private Dance Lessons. From our experience we found that it is more productive and benefitial for studens to learn more advanced dance steps in Private Lessons. To make transition from group classes to private lessons more affordable we introduced Special New Private Students Offer. You are also welcome to start with Private Dance Lessons if group classes do not fit your busy schedule!